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Welcome! On the internet, I go by Mango or Aliisa. I'm a Finnish nonbinary lesbian (they/them) and you can refer to me with either masculine or feminine terms. Trying to survive my twenties the best way I can, by coming up with plenty of lore, art and ESPECIALLY nice outfits for all my favourite Pokemon characters. They mean the world to me and whatever your own opinion on them is, I still hope you enjoy my writings.

Aside from art, my other hobbies are cooking, hiking and birdwatching. In the future I wish to get better at gardening and read more all about biology, especially zoology.


Q: Are commissions / requests open?

A: I have not opened commissions, but at some point I will think of it. Requests are not really open unless I decide to make a "quick, tell me something to draw" type post, but you can always drop in a suggestion. But keep in mind they are SUGGESTIONS, either I make one or won't.

Q: Can I repost your art to other sites with permission?

A: Even with permission I'm not comfortable with my art being reposted, so please don't do that at all! Let me know if someone out there is reposting my art.

Q: Can I use your art as an icon / header / wallpaper etc?

A: You may! I love seeing people use my art as icons and such. But PLEASE give credit by linking to my Tumblr, somewhere where credits are easy to find!


Q: Is the spiky haired guy Green or Blue?

A: Ah, the discourse I hate the most in the world. I'm not the person who decided to localize Green to be Blue and turn everything confusing. Either is valid. I default to Green. And really, I'm not a big fan of people only ever focusing on this when they should be spending more time focusing on his lore!

Q: Are Leaf from FRLG and "Green" from Let's Go the same character?

A: Everyone has their own idea here, but I make them the same character. Simply, LGPE Leaf is Pokemon Masters Leaf, just younger and more impulsive. Although teenage Leaf isn't as brash, she hasn't lost her silly charm. It's TPC's job to clean this whole mess and confusion they decided to create for some reason, not mine and sadly I feel like they dont give a crap enough to clarify. So this is how I headcanon things to be at least for now and that's my final word on that.

Q: Will there be things related to Pokemon Adventures or the Pokemon anime?

A: Sorry, I only wish to focus on one thing at a time. Which for me is gameverse. I do like many things about the first chapters of Pokespe and Mato's art style is the best! But afterwards, I haven't been interested enough and I find it frustrating when people conflate events and characterization that happened in the manga's universe with the games' universe. I go through Pokeani episodes occasionally, but what makes gameverse just far more interesting to me is the presence of a timeline as well.