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Happy new millennium 2000! You can simply call me Mango! One day, I got rather invested in my own stories while playing through all older Pokemon games. In the vast life story of Red, Green and Leaf, that is. And the art and headcanons for this particular story haven't stopped ever since. We begin from Generation 1 of Pokemon games, starring Leaf and Red as duel protagonists in a reimagining of the original story...

You may ask, why!? Because after all, Pokemon games are meant to be partially up to your own imagination with pre-established plot points to work from. Thus note that my site is personal interpretation heavy! Also Red and Green are in love. I was in their wedding. If that's not your thing, press exit. This is something of a fun hobby to have while living in a capitalist hell dimension. By the way, to really make this the true old web experience,
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14/11/23: hey!! ive got NEWS! sorry to not have paid much attention to this site, ive been making a forum for all things pokemon! in the old school phpBB way that is! could something great flourish from this? i dont know yet but heres a screenshot of its current look:


2/10/23: made these little guys. lol

30/9/23: the gallery has been reworked and loads much faster now!


25/9/23: im drawing rather than writing! but hey, in the meantime, vote on that cool new poll over there ok?


14/9/23: might as well make the link for the red shrine work already even if its unfinished. for now im about to head off all the way up north to go hiking for a week! one goal at least is to see a siberian jay, a friendly bird thats not all that afraid of humans. after that ill surely be refreshed enough to write the shrines again :-)


1/9/23: the leaf shrine has been written. pretty ill at this moment to be able to do much but still here.


7/8/23: the site is already shaping up to look like its gonna be a great main hub for pretty much all of my stuff! been coding everything from scratch and making art just for this site. i aim to keep an old geocities aesthetic to a degree, but you will NOT be seeing any horrid seizure inducing gifs or text thats literally the size of two whole pixels. those can stay in the past... right now reguri shrine is the first and only link available for viewing, other links just lead to


3/8/23: so... neocities huh? i used to crank these out like crazy as a geeky kid. for every subject i could think of. but none of my hundreds of awesome fansites with extremely crusty pixelated images really took off... if all social media crashes and burns, find me here still talking to myself. ha ha ha ha ahem. next i will be filling this place with my very own art :)